The dance theatre piece "Um pouco mais de amor - A bit more of love" reflects the limits of our general intellect. We as individuals, dealing with the vicissitudes of our encounters, sometimes pushing ourselves to limit of reflection between life and the relationship to our present time. "Um pouco mais de amor" talks about the feelings transmitted through language, through our actions and movements. The piece wants to give a voice to a poetic position that covered with questions relates to the excessive life in ourselves and our environment. 

Team board :

Shoko Seki, Francesca Merolla, Sati Veyrunes, Sol Dugatkin, Selina Koch, Anat Ivgi, Ranko Šajfar, Andreas Ottmayer, Robin Burkhardt, Gonçalo Cruzinha

Retaken Heart is the title I gave to the creation presented at Gedok Galerie in Stuttgart inspired by Iris Merkle art objects.

"My current work is focused on the subjects of bereavement, farewell and death. Light and heavy works have arisen from this, which can be felt physically."

"Meanwhile, science shows impressively how much our thoughts and feelings affect the health of the heart and the blood circulation and what happens thereby in the brain. If the heart is ill, it can work for a long time through medical technology meanwhile the sick soul remains uncured.

In my work I address the special aesthetics of medical equipment. My objects are not funktional, they just give the impression of functionality, but hang heavy and cold around the chest. One would not wish to wear this jewellery for long. It is rather a sculpture, which is not only seen on the body but also experienced. A sick heart requires more than technical aids." - Iris Merkle

The performance dematerialise the darkness into movements, to highlight the objects, bodies sculptures having indoctrinated and divided memories. A matter being moved in a raw gentleness to go onto, a soft imperial affection, closer to the real world.

The performer places at first some impossibility of care, seeing at the surface of any comprehension, actions, that shows an interactive displacement between the sculptures and the abstract idea of what the exterior is experiencing. This is one of my first motivations to keep working on this idea and to enable the possibility to continue exploring Iris art works and the meeting between dance, performance, music and choreography.

The intention, the function and the message remain intact. While we observe the work of Iris Merkle mixed with the human skin, we hopefully can experience a retaken heart has it should. Has a geologic foil of the past. Movement through ages which is embracing and dancing again together with humans.

Video trailer from the Vernissage on the 27 February 2020

Azimuth Arts and Dance Ensemble - Gonçalo Cruzinha 

Retaken Heart 

Premiere at Gedok Galerie Stuttgart

Screenshot 2020-09-19 at 19.23.42.png

Autopsy of a Plastic bag - 12.10.2020 at Festival Shorties in Fitz Stuttgart

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