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A piece of cake - Backsteinhaus Produktion


Premiere: 5. März 2015 | Lübecker Straße 6, Stuttgart-Hallschlag

The house is alive. Filled with extremes. We are in its centre. With the taste of idealism on our tongue we are crossing eight flats and one basement. We discover fatalists, feminists, folklorists and many others. Does the ideal rule your life or does the life rule the ideal? Do  you feed or die? Fanatism is one of the most popular sweets of our time. It is reliable, easy to handle, extrem precise and hard to control. For this reason this recipe allways works with the same principle: Power meets existential fears.

Premiere: 5. March 2015 // Lübecker Straße 6, Stuttgart-Hallschlag

Tanz und Schauspiel: Andrea Leonetti, Ariel Cohen, Britta Gemmer, Caroline Intrup, Serja Vesterinen, Gonçalo Cruzinha, Jerimia Jerimia, Jürgen Kärcher, Osama Awwad, Timothée Uehlinger

Team: Künstlerische Leitung: Nicki Liszta, Christian Müller Komposition, Musik: Heiko Giering Produktionsleitung: Isabelle v. Gatterburg Leitung Bühne & Kostüm, Fotografie, Grafikdesign: Valentin Eisele Assistenz: Paulina Mandl Film: Christopher Bühler und Dominik Hafenmaier

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