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Um pouco mais de amor / Ein bisschen mehr Liebe - Azimuth Arts and Dance Ensemble - Gonçalo

The dance theatre piece "Um pouco mais de amor - A bit more of love" reflects the limits of our general intellect. We as individuals, dealing with the vicissitudes of our encounters, sometimes pushing ourselves to limit of reflections, between life and the relationship to our present time. "Um pouco mais de amor" talks about the feelings transmitted through language, through our actions and movements. The piece wants to give a voice to a poetic position that covered with questions relates to the excessive life in ourselves and our environment.


Shoko Seki, Francesca Merolla, Sati Veyrunes, Sol Dugatkin, Selina Koch, Anat Ivgi, Ranko Šajfar, Andreas Ottmayer, Robin Burkhardt, Gonçalo Cruzinha

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