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Die Anderen - Backsteinhaus Produktion


The others play the mainrole in the new production from backsteinhaus produktion/Nicki Liszta & co. Envy is the mortal sin, which is at focus in this piece.

The performers Gonçalo Cruzinha, Parwanhe Frei and their son Noé live the perfect life. But the envy of the others is watching through their door and crawls deep into their world.

How much do we regard the happyness of the others with envy. What does this envy do to them? And is the ideal of happy family really our desire?

Premiere: 7. June 2012 // Theaterhaus, Stuttgart

Guest performances: 1. Oktober 2012 // Theater Lindenhof, Mössingen 5. Oktober 2012 // Theater der Stadt Aalen

Premiere: 2012 | Theaterhaus, Stuttgart

Tanz und Schauspiel: Parwanhe Frei, Gonçalo Cruzinha, Noé Frei Cruzinha

Musiker: Kasia Kadlubowska, Steffen Dix, Heiko Giering

Team: Künstlerische Leitung, Choreografie: Nicki Liszta Produktionsleitung, Künstlerische Assistenz: Isabelle v. Gatterburg Musikalische Leitung: Heiko Giering Licht: Kaspar Wimberley Dramaturgie: Rebecca Egeling Bühne und Kostüm: Mari-Liis Tigasson, Thomas Unthan Grafikdesign: Simone Knapek

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