Ein Bisschen mehr Liebe - Hier=Jetzt Festival München / Feuerbacher Kulturnacht Stuttgart


Samstag 14 April 2018 - 20:30uhr

"Um pouco mais de amor - Ein bisschen mehr Lieber" brings a reflection about the limits of our general intellect, we as individuals dealing with the vicissitudes of our encounters, driving us to borders of reflection between life and the relation with our contemporary times. I put in question what identity is and what our personal goals are, our mission with the moment of now. Um pouco mais de amor call for the relation between time and the behaviour towards one another. It talks about the feeling that is hidden beyond the language and expression of our actions and movements, wish to give a voice to a poetic position which enclosure questions related to the excessiveness living inside of ourselves.

Um pouco mais de amor is a dance theater piece that brings a story based on loneliness. Its emergence meaning exists on the call for togetherness and hope, inhabiting on the lives of our daily appearances. Labours through dance, music and sound work, existing on the sensibility used between these meetings and a position towards ownself.

This dance theater piece elevates a theme that approaches life under a sarcastic way but, nonetheless, what is there to sense in relation to a path that is continuous ending? The question what a bit more of love could mean, became the creative question and a motor for this project. I wish to give reference over the gathering of strength when loneliness is confronted with an unknown future, foreseen and restricting the answer to one single demand.

"Um pouco mais de amor - Ein bisschen mehr Lieber" is a challenging call for the human intellect, is about the hidden feelings under the surface of our behaviour.

link : https://www.facebook.com/events/237466643492764/


After the München residence at TanzTendenz, I am glad for the invitation to present and perform the work " um pouco mais de amor " in the theater Schwere Reiter under the dance platform of "open Space". I am happy to see you in München from April 12 to April 15. 


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