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°        T    o    P       5       M    e    T    H    o    D       °

This method is developed to train our body awareness for dance and movement in general. We gone work on our movement spectrum by increasing the connection with balance, strength and stage presence. We start from the floor level growing towards movements on the standing position. The link between time, space and form is mixed through different techniques, influenced by the classical dance, modern dance, yoga, anatomic functional movements, martial arts, partner work, physical theatre. the idea is to end up in a state where Top 5 method displays a multi facet content of motion range which will allow you to blossom your authentic movement.


° level 1 

create floor work connections between your body extremities and your body center

° level 2 


prepare animal movements, develop the transition between high and low level


° level 3 


play with height, coordination, dynamic and balance on a standing position


° level 4


mix and combine all the previous levels across the room, traveling through space


° level 5 


move free with routines, improvisation, partner work, choreography and repertory incorporate and engagement all the levels

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