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Words in Movement

Where : Precise location and hour details will be confirm per email 

When : 3 hours with a pause.

To whom : All the persons that wish to explore the connection 

between movement and words 


I touch the words, I let the words touch me.

How to get the lust to move myself, my body and the expression of my body foundations ?

Which feelings are dissolving which memories on me ?

How to open the power to dance our hidden words and to open write them into space ?



- Integration of good feelings in our daily movement activity through dance incorporation

- To display that every person is a creative and has an artist inside itself

- To experience through writing and dancing healing powers that can be exercice by everyone



We offer a Workshop for people that are interested in working with words together, with the exploration of the his body poetry. In a 3 hours session we offer different exercises and tasks that promote the connection between movement and text.

We will be evolved into guided games that open the consciousness for the body to move into and with natural flowing of emotion reflections. We explore forms of translation our words in dance movement and the capacity to bring non-verbal communication into movement. We experience the feeling of being together and being moved with images and words from postcards.

Through guided exercises we write on space and let the space write our movements, in a group or alone. We let the words touch us and let words be touched, We enable thoughts to flow into dance and movement poetry.

workshop fee 30€

 Notice that this workshop can only take place with the min. of 6 participants, please send us an email with your confirmation or questions under :

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